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Frequently asked questions

How many capsules are in a box?

There are 120 capsules per coffee box and 50 capsules per tea box.

Do Kapsulyst capsules have an expiration date?

Kapsulyst capsules are hermetically sealed; protected from light, moisture and oxygen. At the bottom of every box you will find the “Best before” date. As the date simply acts as an indicator of optimal freshness, flavor and aroma, unopened capsules are completely safe to consume after the “Best before”; date.

Do you have a hot chocolate capsule?

Kapsulyst does not have hot chocolate capsules in our selection. We do offer a line of hot tea flavors: Green Tea, Chamomile Tea, Blueberry Tea and Sweet Lemon Tea.

Where is the coffee produced?

Our beans come from nine different countries. All coffee is then shipped green to our factory in Miami. Where locally, every grain is selected, blended, roasted and packaged. Which ensures freshness and consistency in each cup.

Where is the tea produced?

Our tea capsules are imported from Italy and are 100% organic and sugar free (except for the Sweet Lemon Tea)